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The technical department of our company staffed by trained personnel, who have been trained without interruption in the modern security systems. Specialists undertake the study of the area by offering the customer the appropriate security system to meet the specific needs of.

During installation of the system the company attaches great importance to the method of fitting of materials to ensure a high level of safety by keeping unchanged the esthetics.

With the annual maintenance is being proposed by the technical department, obtaining the correct operation of the security system, eliminating the possibility of a fault.

Our engineers ensure the presence of any time when requested by the customer for the restoration of a fault, while all the products they use, have up to 3 years.



Κing Security offers a center with modern camera signals. Receives coded signals from alarm systems to identify at any time, the condition of protected space.

Each signal reaches the center is marked, decoded and recorded from the high-tech machines and then analyzed and evaluated by experienced operators to man the center.

Operators have a full picture of what is happening in the protected area, inform the police, the owner or the authorized    persons.

The center for image which, together with the center camera brands which already exists with the alarm, provides the greatest assurance for anything that happens in the area.

This service is provided when it has already been installed monitoring system of our company. Given the possibility to use in two ways:

  1. to monitor the area at a specific time i.e. from 10 at night until 7 the πρωί

  2. to monitor the space by the hour which alarm is activated at night, to the time the store opens.


With the above service, via the electronic business center, in case of emergency, we have an on-site, visual contact with persons and acts, which will help us in ascertaining thugs when needed or requested.

when the image of the area, comes on the computer screen, gives the operator the ability to control directly, the seriousness of the signal and make visual confirmation of the alarms.

Simultaneously, provided the capability to capture the image as well as monitoring past events.

Our qualified staff and state-of-the-art machinery used by our company, in all the services provided, it will leave you and once again the satisfaction that your property is insured with the best prevention and the potential damage or robbery maximize.